Open program for a faster, more efficient and successful go-to-market journey for FinTech innovations.

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Shaping the next

FinTech pioneers

Environment to fine-tune innovative solutions under the experts’ oversight.

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Fintech Hub

Program pillars

The program comprises multiple tools to enable effective collaboration between the stakeholders and also involve the public in order to engage and educate them.

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For Fintechs

What you will get?

Priority Testing Access

Fintech Hub Slovakia offers a priority access to multiple leading companies in their sector and their proprietary testing environment.

Faster Go-To-Market

Comprehensive business strategy aiming for faster go-to-market

Mentoring Support

For each selected participant we aim to provide a designated mentor who will oversee the progress made

Physical Space

State-of-the-art workspace for innovative start-ups in the heart of Bratislava where quality networking, idea-sharing and magic do happen

Do you meet the criteria?

Be Innovative

It must offer an innovative service, technology or business model.

Clear benefits

Provide clear benefits for the customer and offer faster, cheaper more user-friendly service for clients.

Local intension

The start-up needs to have the intention to apply the innovation in SK/V4.

No limitation

There are no limitations whether the innovative solution comes with a small startup, corporate fintech or in a form of institutional innovation.

Wanna be part of the program?

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Fintech Hub Process

The process of participating in FinTech Hub Slovakia consists of three main phases: application, development & testing and go-to-market. Our partners will be part of this journey with you.

Inflow of candidates
Review of applicants
Verification & Evaluation of applicants
Official onboarding of selected participants
Development & Testing phase
Product launch finalization
Go-To-Market phase

For Fintechs


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Founding partners

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What’s in it for partners

Fintech Hub Slovakia is an open platform welcoming companies that are innovative and want to make innovation in Slovakia better.

Official partner of Fintech Hub Slovakia can be any technological or innovative company, whose solutions bring substantial value and can be adopted by the participants in the Fintech Hub Program.

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